Edition 138
February 2020
Broken News (All the News That's Fit to Reprint):Zarcero Band Performance;Murders Down In 2019;Costa Rica #3 in Retirement Ranking;CR Prez Renounces Pension;Private Companies May do Major Infrastructure Projects;Economic Drumbeat (CR Business Happenings);;Signs of an Economic Leveling Off;Bayer Planning Major Expansions Here; Costa Rica Rated Regional Leader in Business;Teradyne Investing in Centralized Facility Here;Latin America Update (Significant Events In Neighboring Countries):Bolivia-Morales not Giving Up;Colombia-Uber Withdrawing from Colombia Cuba-Repression Continues; Panama-Discovering What You've Won; Uruguay-Drugs by the Ton; Venezuela-Fight for Control Continues;Rumble and Weather Talk: Two tremors at 3:30 and 5:30 AM, nothing of lasting significance;Feature #1: Quepos Profile - Eugene Godina, Tico-Tico (Doubling Down on Being Tico);¿Que Es Eso? Department:How Would a Tico Prepare Himself Well for the Next World War?Feature #2: Population Growth in Costa Rica (Up 713% In The Last Fifty Years!);Health Stuff: 100+ - It's In The Beans Mae!;GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group;What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso?,A Cachete,Mae;ROMEO Corner: La Alberca at Byblos
Edition 137
January 2020

Broken News (All the News That's Fit to Reprint): a. Big Mac? - Next Block Please Amigo; b. English Program Launched in Acosta; c. Navas Intends to Retire in Spain; d. Zarcero Band to Shine in Rose Parade; e. New Funding for Lifeguards Nationwide. Economic Drumbeat (CR Business Happenings): a. Visual Technplogy Opens Office Here; b. Biomerics Expanding Here; c. P&G Expanding Here; d. China Now Allowing Imports of Costa Rican Pork; e. Not All Is Rosy in Tropical Lands. Latin America Update (Major Events In Neighboring Countries): Bolivia - OAS Report Excoriates Morales; Columbia - a) Protests Continue, b) Uber Under Attack; Nicaragua - a) Refugee Applications Up, b) Border Truck Waiting Line 10 km; Venezuela - Maduro Still in Charge. Rumble and Weather Talk: Earthquake Mode: Steady as She Goes; Rainy Season: Is It Summer Yet? Feature #1: Where's the Beef? (Bull Fighting Season is in Full Swing); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: How's This for a Stocking Stuffer?; Feature #2: Respect for What the Jungle Can Offer (Larva de Perro and Other Fun); Health Stuff: Larva de Perro; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Larva de Perro; ROMEO Corner: "Pesca at Marina Pez Vela"

Edition 136
December 2019
BROKEN NEWS: a. Democracy Day; b. It's Not All Drugs In Those Bags; c. President of Costa Rica Named to Time's Top 100 Next; d. Commercial Fishing in the Nicoya Again; e. San José Takes it On the Chin from El Mundo; f. Questioning the Veeps - What Do You Folks Do?; g. IDB Ranking On Government Waste, ECONOMIC DRUMBEAT: a. Economy On the Rebound Again; b. Future Airport Up In The Air Again; c. Uber Gets Competition in Costa Rica; d. ; e. Gossling Outsourcing Adds New Facility in Costa Rica, LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: a. Bolivia - President Resigns, riots ensue; b. Chile - Violence and Unrest in the Capital, President Refuses to Resign; c. Columbia - Numero Uno in Growth, National Strikes Bring on Rioting and Fatalities; d. Guatemala - Sending the Money Home; e. Nicaragua - a. Tourism Bouncing Back and b. GG Revisits San Juan del Sur, RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: a. Rumble - Virtually Nothing to Report, Thanks (but there was a surprise rumble); b. Weather - Seems the Dry Season is Beginning Early, FEATURE: Quepos Profile: Tim Dwyer - How to Embrace a New Culture, ¿QUE ES ESO DEPARTMENT: 50 or 50,000?, FEATURE: Legend of La Yegüita (and the Dance of the Little Mare), HEALTH STUFF: Beating Sciatica, GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group, WHAT'S-IN-A-WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso, ROMEO CORNER: La Dolce Vita - Quepos
Edition 135
November 2019
BROKEN NEWS: (All the News That's Fit to Reprint): a. Gonzales New Head Coach of "La Sele"; b. Brenda Castro - Guapileña (Guapiels, Limon); ECONOMIC DRUMBEAT: (CR Business Happenings): a. Medical Tourism Continues to Expand; b. New Business Center in Orotina; c. New Puntarenas Hospital Contract Awarded; d. VMWare Expanding; e. Signs of Recession in Costa Rica; LATIN AMERCIA UPDATE: (Major Events In Neighboring Countries): Nicaragua - Largest Newspaper Forcibly Closed; a. b. . Venezuela - Venezuela's Difficulty With Debt; RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: a. Rumble - Slow As You Go; b. Rainfall Relatively Modest Also; FEATURE: The Sloth Lady of Mata,palo (by Jungle Jim Henahan); ¿QUE ES ESO? Department: Hairy Weasel?; FEATURE: The Legend of LLorona (The Weeping Lady); HEALTH STUFF: a. Inquiring Minds Want to Know (conclusions on the book Grain Brain); b. Government Plans Major Upgrade in Health Care System; GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Report: Visiting author talks about his experience in the Crime/Mystery Genre PLUS Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; WHAT'S -IN-A-WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso; ROMEO CORNER: El Legarto, Manuel Antonio
Edition 134
October 2019

BROKEN NEWS (All the News That's Fit to Reprint): 1. Papal Coffee Blessing; 2. More Guaro Deaths; 3. Costa Rica Remembers 9/11; 4. Costa Rica Celebrates Its 198th Birthday; 5. Navas to Play For PSG; ECONOMIC DRUMBEAT (CR Business Happenings): 1. Elev8 Chooses Costa Rica; 2. Medtronic Expanding; 3. Also Expanding - Microport Orthopedics; LATIN AMERICN COUNTRIES: (Happenings in Neighboring Countries: Nicaragua: New Protests With Police in Managua;RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: Rumble - A Series of Quakes, Rainy Season Blues; 5. FEATURE 1: Profiles in Quepos: Manuel Emilio Morales Novoa (Quepoan Entrepreneur); ¿QUE ES ESO? DEPARTMENT: Looks Like a Porcelain Paperweight; FEATURE 2: Guaro is as Guaro Does (Moving Beyond FANAL to FATAL); HEALTH STUFF: 1. Prison Break Out: Mumps; 2. Inquiring Minds Want to Know; 3. Inquiring Minds Want to Know; 3. Inquiring Minds Want to Know; 3 Need a New Heart - Print It; GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo t-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group;WHAT'S IN A WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso, Guaro; ROMEO CORNER: El Gran Escape

Edition 133
September 2019

BROKEN NEWS (All the News That's Fit to Reprint: 1. Church of San Blas Open Again; 2. Costa Rica Takes Home Five Medals from Pan-American Games; 3. Uber Suggests Ride Verification; 4. "Sticks" Disappearing; 5. Walking to See La Virgen; 6. Guaro Death Toll Rises; ECONOMIC DRUMBEAT: 1. Gasoline Price Up; 2. Unemployment Up; 3. Fallout From the New Tax Law (Health Workers Strike, Debit Cards Decline); 4. Airports Development; Boston Scientific Success Story; LATIN AMERICAN UPDATE: 1. Argentina - Peso Plummets; 2. Brazil - Like Daughter, Like Father; 3. Colombia Exchange Rate Record Low; Nicaragua - Danny's Ditch Not Yet Dead; RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: 1. Rumble - A Minor Bump; FEATURE: Independence Day (Nearing the 200 Year Mark); ¿QUE ES ESO DEPARTMENT: Weird Fruits; FEATURE: Why I Love Quepos (Let Me Count the Ways); HEALTH STUFF: Inquiring Minds Want to Know (more on the book Grain Brain); GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; WHAT'S IN A WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso; ROMEO CORNER: Raphael's Terrazas, Manuel Antonio.

Edition 132
August 2019

BROKEN NEWS: 1. 20 Guaro Deaths Under Investigation; 2. Futbol News; 3. GG's Triumphant Return; ECONOMIC DRUMBEAT (CR Business Happenings): 1. New Tax Law in Effect; 2. Costa Rica/Korea Free Trade Agreement; LATIN COUNTRY UPDATES1. Mexico (Last VW Beetle Produced, Hail Storm in Guadalajara). 2. Nicaragua - Repression Still Happening; 3. Panama - Unemployment Up; Weather Talk: 1. Southern Zone - Earthquake Target; 2. Rain is Normal. i.e., Heavy; FEATURE: Profiles in Quepos Series: Emilio Cedeño, Restaurateur Extraordinaire; QUE ES ESO DEPT.: Crazy Butterfly; FEATURE: Dia de Las Madres (Flowers and Family Meals Will Do the Trick); HEALTH STUFF: Inquiring Minds Want to Know (Grain Brain); GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications and Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group, as Well as Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs; WHAT'S-IN-A-WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso?; ROMEO CORNER: Emilio's Cafe, Manuel Antonio

Edition 131
July 2019

BROKEN NEWS: 1. Guanacaste Day; 2. Costa Rican Students Compete in FIRST Science Meet; 3. Technical Renaissance in Costa Rica; LATIN COUNTRY UPDATES: Things happening in 1) Argentina, 2) El Salvador and 3) Nicaragua; RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: 1) Poas Stays Active; 2) Seasons Have Definitely Changed; FEATURE: The Greening of Costa Rica (We're Doing Our Part); QUE ES ESO?: Department: How to Grow Goats?; FEATURE: Golden Gringo University-Getting Citizenship in Costa Rica (The Application Process); HEALTH STUFF: Inquiring Minds Want to Know (Grain Brain); GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications and Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group, as Well as Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs; WHAT'S-IN-A-WORD: Answer to Que Es Eso?; ROMEO CORNER: Sabromar, Quepos

Edition 130
June 2019
BROKEN NEWS: 1. Meteorite Shower; 2. Costa Rica's First Lady Honored; 3. Latin Updates (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama); 4. President Pained by Penectomies; 5. The New Trains Are Coming; 6. Futbol News - Keylor Navas Out; 7. American Girl Wins Rip Curl Grom Search Meet; RUMBLE AND WEATHER TALK: 1. Parrita and Canoas Shakers; 2. Moderate Rainy Season So Far, Begins Early; FEATURE: Profiles in Quepos Series: Evelina Bolognini (Helping Others Help Themselves); ¿QUE ES ESO? Department: When Did the Sun Turn Green?; FEATURE: The Darien Gap (As Dangerous As Immigration Can Get); HEALTH STUFF: Inquiring Minds Want to Know, Under the Bug Net; GGC BOOKSHELF AND MORE: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs; WHAT'S-IN-A-WORD: Answer to Que es Eso?; ROMEO CORNER: Cuba Libre, Manuel Antonio
Edition 129
May 2019

Broken News: 1. The Boats Keep Coming; 2. Venezuela Update; 3. Airport Improvements; 4. Costa Rica Still #1 on Happy Planet Index; 5. IBM Expanding in Costa Rica; Rumble and Weather Talk: 1. Just How Dry is It? Feature: Legends of the Mot-mot (And Other Ramblings Concerning Costa Rica and Central America)¿Que Es Eso? Department: Strange Reptile;Feature: Puppy Tales; Health Stuff: Inquiring Minds Want to Know (more on the book Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter); GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Mot-mot, Spanish in 10 Seconds; ROMEO Corner: Perizoso Sushi Bar, Hotel San Bada, Manuel Antonio

Edition 128
April 2019

Broken News: 1. The Cédula is No Longer Sexy; 2. Plan to Fix Manuel Antonio National Park; 3. Venezuela Status; 4. Another Year for Chepito; 5. New Tax Law - Salient Points; Rumble and Weather Talk: The Weather Word is Seco (Dry); Volcan Poas Remains Active; Feature: Profiles in Quepos Series: Dr. Moisés Fallas Warhmann (Small Town Boy Makes Good and Does Good); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: That Patient Looks a Little Wooden, What's He Breathing?; Feature: Snack Tales (Adventures in Medical Care and Hospital Food at Your Feet); Health Stuff: Inquiring Minds Want to Know; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: 1. Answer to Que Es Eso; 2. Etymology of Hospital; ROMEO Corner: Azulëo, Hotel Teva, Manuel Antonio

Edition 127
March 2019
Broken News: 1. Costa Rica Restarting Diplomacy With Venezuela; 2. Number One With Cheese Please; 3. More Sexual Shenanigans Charged; 4. Futbol News: a. Grecia Leading First Division With Saprissa Close Behind, b. Sele Beats Peru; Rumble and Weather Talk: RainRain, What Rain?; In the Rumble Arena Poas Was the Bad Actor This Past Month but Turrialba is Still Active Also; Feature: Expat Adjustment Time (Appreciating the Cultural Differences in Costa Rica); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: OK Humans, What Am I?; Feature: Golden Gringo Chronicles Nostalgia (We've Come a Long Way Since 2008); Health Stuff: 1. Sciatica Redux; 2. Inquiring Minds Want to Know; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?; Etymology of Gringo; English Conundrums; ROMEO Corner: Victoria's - Manuel Antonio
Edition 126
February 2019

Broken News: 1. Panama and Costa Rica Lead in Expat Retirement Ranking; 2. Costa Rican Band Shows Off at Rose Parade; 3. Football News - a. Heredia Wins National Championship; b. Keylor Navas Happier Now; 4. Nicaragua Status; 5. Blood Moon, 6. Uber to be Legalized; Rumble and Weather Talk: Rain, Rain Go Away (and it did); More Precautions Being Taken at Our More Active Volcanoes; Feature Article #1: Profiles in Quepos - Dr. Alberto Gonzales Camacho (Dentistry with a Smile); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Upe, Say What?; Feature Article #2: Time On, Time Off (Vacations and Holidays, U.S. Versus Costa Rica);Health Stuff: Rice and Beans; Inquiring Minds Want to Know; 7. GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Casado;ROMEO Corner: La Cantina, Manuel Antonio

Edition 125
Janaury 2019

Broken News: The National Strike is Over, Now What, Quepos Airstrip Reopens, Costa Ricans Prefer Uber, Festival of Light, ...and Other Festivals; Rumble and Weather Talk: Weather Appears Back to Normal but Volcano Rumbling Continues Strong and Turrialba Keeps Throwing Out Large Plumes of Ash; Rumble and Weather Talk: Weather Appears Back to Normal but Volcano Rumbling Continues Strong and Turrialba Keeps Throwing Out Large Plumes of Ash; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Weird Flower Department; Feature: Living the Dream (Rediscovering the Simple Life in Quepos); Health Stuff: Inquiring Minds Want to Know; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso; ROMEO Corner: Agua Azul - Manuel Antonio

Edition 124
December 2018

Broken News: National Strike Status; New Costa Rican Fiscal Plan; Futbol News: a. Sele Bouncing Back and b. Neighborhood Championship; Personal Milestone; Rumble and Weather Talk: Turrialba Still Active; Feature: Profiles in Quepos (Dr. Carlos Azofeifa and Farmacia Economica); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Funny Fish - What Is It?; Feature: Making the case for Quepos (Why People Move Here); Health Stuff: Rabies Victim Dies; Kissing Bug; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books from GGC Publications, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Chinche; ROMEO Corner: Cafe Milagro - Manuel Antonio

Edition 123
November 2018
Broken News: National Strike Status; Futbol News - New Costa Rica National Team Coach; New CRC/USD Exchange Rate High; Nicaragua Status; Tragic Rafting Accident in Quepos; Rumble and Weather Talk: Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain plus Rumble, Rumble Everywhere; Feature: Cartagena, Colombia (Spain's Original Gateway to South America); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Strange, Hairy; Is It Living or What?; Feature: Cartagena Up Close (Living a Few Days in "La Heroica"); Health Stuff: Rabies? It Can Happen; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs from GGC Publications as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Etymology of Cartagena; ROMEO Corner: Le Papillon at Hotel La Mariposa, Manuel Antonio.
Edition 122
October 2018
Broken News: GG Mea Culpa; Tico #5,000,000; 2019 Government Budget; General Strike in Costa Rica Unresolved, Nicaragua Status - Has Crisis Peaked?; Independence Day 2018; Rumble and Weather Talk: September Rainfall Heavy; Poás National Park Reopens; Feature: Confused Cocodrilos (Dealing With Transgender Crocodilian Problems); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Purple Potato Maybe?; Feature: Sandia (The Ubiquitous Fruit of Costa Rica); Health Stuff: More on Those Health Foods: Coffee, Chocolate and Red Wine; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs from GGC Publications as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Etymology of Sandia; ROMEO Corner: Restarurant "Z" at Marina Pez Vela
Edition 121
September 2018
Broken News: Firefighters 153rd Anniversary; Gran Hotel Reopens; Rebellion to the North - Nicaragua; Inflation to the South - Venezuela, Bring on the Tico Band, More Emphasis on English in Costa Rica; International Living Conference; Rumble and Weather Talk: 50th Anniversary of Arenal Eruption; Rains Continue But Lessen; Feature: Golden Gringo University: Pronouncing Spanish; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: It's a Weasel or Maybe It's a Sick Puppy?; Feature: The New Malecón (The New, Improved River Walk in Quepos); Health Stuff: Staying Healthy After 50; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs from GGC Publications as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: 1) Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, 2) Etymology of Bombero, 3) Etymology of Arenal; ROMEO Corner: Samui Thai Restaurant, Manuel Antonio
Edition 120
August 2018
Broken News: Ten Year Anniversary; A Special Cup of Java; Futbol News; Nicaragua Status, Monorail System for San Jose?; Rumble and Weather Talk: Heavy Rainy Season; Early Quake Warning System; Feature: Golden Gringo University (Deciding on Where to Live in Costa Rica); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Maybe It's a Crab?; Feature: Seeing the Way Clearly (Adventures in Socialized Medicine); Health Stuff: New Puntarenas Hospital Update; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs from GGC Publications as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; ROMEO Corner: Jiuberth's Marisqueria, Quepos
Edition 119
July 2018

Broken News: Señor Alvarado and Frugality; Futbol News (Catch and Release Russian Style, Keylormania; World Cup Rankings, Look Who's Hosting the 2026 Games, Early Tournament Results,); Nicaragua Turmoil; Rumble and Weather Talk: Guatemala Eruption Was the Big News; Feature: iRescue Animal Sanctuary (Helping the Distressed Animals of Costa Rica); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: A feral puppy?; Feature: Tico Nostalgia (Costa Rica 70 Years Ago); Health Stuff: Traveler's Diarrhea; GGC Bookshelf and More: Books, Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs from GGC Publications as Well as Suggested Books from the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?; ROMEO Corner: Uncle Charly and San Jose; El Lirio - Manuel-Antonio

Edition 118
June 2018
Broken News: New President Inaugurated; Futbol News (Saprissa Wins 2018 National Championship, Keylor Navas Makes History, Sele Team Named for the World Cup); New Domestic Airline Terminal Dedicated; Texas Tech in Costa Rica; COL in Costa Rica 23% lower Than U.S.; Rumble and Weather Talk: Counting The Volcanoes of Central America, Rain Green Alert Issued; Feature: Mt. Arenal (Volcano With a Personality); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: What is it? A Mole Remover, Something to Drill for Oil With In the Backyard?; Feature: GG University (How to Use the Resources of the Golden Gringo Chronicles); Health Stuff: CR Life Expectancy Update; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to What's-in-a-Word, Caldera; ROMEO Corner: El Puerto Escondido, Manuel Antonio
Edition 117
May 2018
Broken News: Rock Star President Elected, Futbol News (World Cup Passes Through Costa Rica, Color the Sele Blanco), International Convention Center Inaugurated, Don't Move That Corpse, Is Nicaragua the Safest Country in Latin America?, First Costa Rican Satellite Launched; Rumble and Weather Talk: Low Rumbles, Rainy Season Starting; Feature: Esferas (More on the Mysterious Diquis Spheres); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Eggs in the Open; Feature: Ciudad de Mexico (Reflections on Mexico's Capital City); Health Stuff: Propoleo, Measles Warning; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Sphere, Concretion, ¡Que Guay!; ROMEO Corner: Hotel Mono Azul, Manuel Antonio
Edition 116
April 2018
Broken News: Futbol News (Futbol Fever Increases, CR Team Readies Itself for the World Cup, ), Starbuck's is Here to Stay, Nicaragua Pays the Piper, Best Smelling Police in Costa Rica; Rumble and Weather Talk: Fun on the Pacific Rim (Turrialba Gets Active Again, Similar Earthquakes Happen in Two Different Areas); Feature: Golden Gringo University: Understanding Costa Rican Culture (Part 3: Food & Markets, Music, Religion and Sports); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Strange Plant, Familiar Product; Feature: Family Vacation (and A Visit to a Vanilla Farm); Health Stuff: Mad Mountain Bob Strikes Again; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Casado; ROMEO Corner: de la Finca, Quepos
Edition 115
March 2018
Broken News: Futbol News (Navas' Real Salary); Banking Scam; Costa Rica Wins Territory Award Against Nicaragua, First Round Election Results, Lifetime Cultural Achievement Awards, Costa Rica Workweek Second Longest in World; Rumble and Weather Talk: Little Rumble and Weather Problems; Some Cartoons and Jokes About Florida Hurricane Weather; Feature: Tropical Storm NATE in the Mountains (Recovering from the Tormenta); Que Es Eso? Department:Is It an Errant Moonscape Photo or Something Else? Feature: Golden Gringo University: Understanding Costa Rican Culture (Part 2: Language and Education, Money and Banking, Names and Surnames, Addresses and Street Names); Health Stuff: Record tumor removal; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Alvarado; ROMEO: Sakura Fusion - Manuel Antonio
Edition 114
February 2018
Broken News: Futbol News; Zapote Bullfight Stats; It's SJO not SJC; Level 1 Safety for Costa rica; Las Pintas; Rumble and Weather Talk: Quake and volcano activity all across the Rim but no serious damage or injuries reported; Feature: Golden Gringo University: Understanding Costa Rican Culture (Part 1: History, Physical Size and Population, Constitution, Government Structure, The Economy); Que Es Eso: What's Different About This Beach?; Feature: A Bout With Bureaucracy (and a Lesson in Gratitude); Health Stuff: Obesity, Costa Rica vs U.S.; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Las Pintas, Controloria; ROMEO Corner: Ronny's Place - Manuel Antonio; ROMEO Corner: Sakura, Manuel Antonio
Edition 113
January 2018

Broken News: Settling on the Sele; QMA Writers Group; New Dog Species; Coffee Exports Up, or Are They Down?; Annual Quepos Boat Parade; Christmas Portal at the Market; Rumble and Weather Talk: Earthquake Month - November 2017 is Nominated; Feature: San José’s Metropolitan Cathedral (A Good Reason to Go to Church); Que Es Eso? Department: An Infamous Mystery Island Back in the News; Feature: Small Town Stories (A Lady Named Virginia - The Queen of Quepos); Health Stuff: a) Geriatrics are IN; Just Stay Healthy and Watch the Carbs, Sugar and Salt Amigos; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Arabica; ROMEO Corner: Claro Que Si at Hotel Si Como No - Manuel Antonio

Edition 112
December 2017

Broken News: Teatro Nacionál - New-Old National Symbol; World Robotics Olympics; High Sticking; Gold Rush in San Carlos; Publisher's Corner: Books, T-Shirts and Coffee Cups; Rumble and Weather Talk: Rains Diminish but Sudden Rumble Hits Jacó/Quepos Area; Feature: Small Town Stories - Episode 2 & 3 (Birthday Cards and Shashlyk); Que Es Eso? Department: Dancing Reptile or Trick Photo?; Feature How to Live to be a Hundred (The Nicoya Secrets); Health Stuff: Cashew Apples; What's-in-a- Word: Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, The Extinguishing Machine; ROMEO Corner: Hotel Gaia, Manuel Antonio

Edition 111
November 2017

Broken News: New Puntarenas Hospital Planning; Costa Rica Secures Berth at 2018 World Cup, U.S. Bows Out; Telecom Free Market Adventure; Publisher's Corner: Books, T-Shirts and Coffee Cups; Rumble and Weather Talk: Tropical Storm DomiNATEs Month; Feature: Getting Residency in Costa Rica - a GGU Update; Que Es Eso? Department: The Meaning of Q.E.D.?; Health Stuff: More on Centenarians; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Apostille, Apoderado; ROMEO Corner: El Arado - Manuel Antonio.

Edition 110
October 2017

Broken News: Costa Rica's status in CONCACAF Futbol; Don't Cross That Bridge When You Come to It; Independence Day (in Costa Rica - Not the Movie); Baseballs are Made in Costa Rica - Whoodathunkit?; Rumble and Weather Talk: Mexico Disaster and Heavy Rains Continue Around Costa Rica; Feature: Allan's Air Force (Watch Out for Low Flying Aircraft); Que Es Eso? Department: What's that Shiny Stuff on my Coffee?; Feature: Calypsonians (Cumon Mon, Let's Dance!); Health Stuff: Malaria Alert; How Sweet It Is - Too Much I'm Afraid; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Real, Diaspora, Calypso, Autochthonous; ROMEO Corner: Mercato del Porto - Quepos

Edition 109
September 2017

Broken News: When the Pole Really Did Pop Up to Meet Me; I'm a Pretty New Reptile; Scamming the Canton; Bolivar - Dollar Exchange Rate; El Eclipsito; Brazilian Bottom Bash; Rumble and Weather Talk: Little New on the Shaking Front But the Heavy Rains Continue and So Does the Water Damage; Feature: Zarcero Topiary (Never Fire a Good Gardner); Que Es Eso? Department: Look to the Skies (What is it?); Feature: Quepos Qonvenience (Living the Easy Life in a Small Town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica); Health Stuff: Coffee Studies Again Positive, More on Centenarians; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Topiary, A Cachete; ROMEO Corner (Anaconda at Costa Verde)

Edition 108
August 2017
Broken News: In Memoriam; Lights Out In Central America; That's a Lot of Bull; Schmaltzing Matilde the Computer; Quepos Quickies: (Going Fiber Optic, New Welcome Sign; Monkey Business); Rumble Talk: Little Rumbling But Rains And Rain Damage Continue; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Look Who's Smiling But What Does It Have To Do With Insect Control?; Feature Article: Piña Power and It's Problems (Costa Rica's Pineapple Industry); Feature Article: Living on and With the Cordillera (Costa Rica's Central Mountain Range); Health Stuff: St. Jude's Researching Aging; UCR/Kansas U. Joint Study Tries to Answer: Who Ages Better, Gringos or Ticos?; Nicoya Designated One of Four U.N. "Blue Zones" in the world; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Pineapple, Cordillera; ROMEO Corner El Wagon, Manuel Antonio

Edition 107
July 2017

Broken News: Shocking Statistics, Cell Phone Mania, Manuel Antonio Movies; RumbleTalk: Poaz Active Again, Early and Heavy Rains Continue; Que Es Eso? Department: Is It a Swarm of Small Bees in Search of Honey, or Perhaps A Relic from Atlantis?; Feature: Costa Rica's New Airport (Third Generation in the Works); Feature: Inking It Up (GG Gets a Tatuaje); Health Stuff: Thick Heads And Less Food Are Better Say Universities, José Must Be a Thick Head; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Tatuaje, Cordillera; ROMEO Corner: Langosta Feliz - Matapalo

Edition 106
June 2017

Broken News: Gray Hairs on the March, Animal Cruelty Law, Move Over Perrier, Exchange Rate Moving, Platina Open; Rumble Talk: Few Rumbles, Early Rains; Que Es Eso? Department: Is it a drone?; Feature: History of Colombia - Part 3, The Modern Era; Feature: Capturing Our Heritage (Quepos' Zona Americana); Health Stuff: Reader Comments on Yellow Fever Article, YF Vacine in U.S. Running Out; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso; ROMEO Corner The Free Crab - Quepos)


Edition 105
May 2017


Broken News: Costa Rica Enter's the Space Race, Now That's Inflation, San José Underground, Narrowing the Futbol Field, Woe Is Me?!; Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On or About the Pacific Rim) It's Volcan Poas' Turn; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Egg Question; Feature: History of Colombia - Part 2, The Columbian Period, Spanish Occupation; Feature: The Marimba (The National Instrument of Costa Rica); Health Stuff: (Yellow Fever, You Are What You Eat); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso, Belen); ROMEO Corner (Selina's - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 104
April 2017

Broken News: Unhappy Ranking, Convenience Store, Buxom Mannequins, CONCACAF Gaff, Ice Cream War; Rumble and Weather Talk: Peace on the Pacific Rim and Tranquil Beach Days ; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Watjoosayinmon?; Feature: The Magic Rock - A Manuel Antonio Spiritual Experience; Feature: History of Colombia - Part I, Pre-Columbian Period; Health Stuff: Some Home Remedies; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que Es Eso, Colombia and Columbus, America, Patois; ROMEO Corner: Victoria's - Manuel Antonio

Edition 103
March 2017

Broken News (Autopista Expanding; Woof, Woof, I Love the Park; Tourism Still Growing; Happy, Happy, GGC Milestone); Rumble and Weather Talk (Turrialba Expected to be a Concern for Some Time, Summer Weather Here); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Woodcut or Etching?; Feature: The Circus is Leaving Town (No More Painted Wagons); Feature: Sarchi (Painted Wagons But Not a Circus); Health Stuff: Modified Crops and Golden Rice; What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso, Las Careteras, Boyero); ROMEO Corner (Emilio's - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 102
February 2017

Broken News (Drama at MA Beach, New Coporate Tax Coming, Platina Problem Promises Pickle, Nica/Tico Border Spat Update); Rumble Talk (Little in the Way of Shaky Problems, Country Still Dealing with Aftermath of Hurricane Otto); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Is That Who I Think It Is?; Feature: Teatro Nacionál (Culture at the Center of Things); Feature: Valentine's Day (A Rose By Any Other Name); Health Stuff: Sticky Placque and Prickly Pears; What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso, Piripo, Maldición); ROMEO Corner (Picador, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 101
January 2017

Broken News (Wet Waifs and Tin Men, Christmas ICE in Quepos, New Bridge Opens, Coco Island Correction, Push On for More Cruise Ships); Rumble Talk (Minor Rumbling in Costa Rica, Still a Lot of Rain); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Weasel or Raccoon?; Feature: Ruminations of a Golden Expat: Part Two - Getting on With Life in Paradise; Feature: Martec Industries, S.A. (A Growing Food Source); Health Stuff: You Can Call Me Chan; What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso); ROMEO Corner (Karola's - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 100
December 2016

Broken News: (The Best Exchange Rate, Ticos Beat Gringos, Ortega Wins Again, Guaro Sales Down, Treasure Island Find); Rumble and Weather Talk (Few Rumbles but Water, Water, Everywhere); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Is it a Statue of a Queen?; Feature: GGC 100th Anniversary (Anatomy of a Newsletter); Feature: Costa Rica in World War II - Part Two (The Incident); Feature: Ruminations of a Golden Expat (Part One - Expatriot Strategizing); What's-in-a-Word (Anser to Que Es Eso?); ROMEO Corner (Kukula, Quepos)

Edition 99
November 2016

Broken News (Mega Numbers Are Up, And Micro Numbers Are Down, Air Costa Rica, Meds by Drone, New Tent City, Quepos Quickies - New Quepos Bridge Still Abuilding); Rumble and Weather Talk (The Rumbling Gave Way to Rain); Feature: Nicaragua Once More (Renewing Acquaintances); Feature: Costa Rica in World War II - Part I (Paradise on the Outskirts of Hell); Feature: Passionflowers (More Relaxation than Passion); Health Stuff: Aguacate Awareness; What's-in-a-Word (Passionflower); ROMEO Corner (Falafel Bar, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 98
October 2016

Broken News (Tourism Up, Sneaky Snake, Shrinking Work Week (Maybe), Big Dam Business, ROMEO Co-Founder Repatriates); Rumble Talk: (Early Month Shaker, Turrialba Active Again, Costa Rica Rated for best Weather); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Hairy Bug? Mutant Pineapple?; Feature: The Legend of El Cadejos (When Drinking Goes to the Dogs); Feature: Costa Rica as an Expat Destination (#1 for Best Weather Says This Survey); Feature: Costa Rica Independence Day (Showing Off the Red, White and Blue); Health Stuff (New report: Alcohol Causes Cancer; Spent Coffee Grounds Used to Purify Water; Ticos Growing Taller); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso, Cadejo, Kopstoot); ROMEO Corner (El Arado - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 97
September 2016

Cubans Out, Africans and Haitians In, Ticoland Uber Alles, Gastronomia Chepeño, Quepos Quickies - Getting Snookered, Fitting In, Rumble Talk: Quiet in Costa Rica and Havoc in Italy, Feature: Raising the Roof (And Scraping the Tropical Sky), Feature: On Being a Catador (Coffee Tasting - How Sweet It Is, or Isn't), Feature: Las Mariposas (The Butterflies of Costa Rica), What's-in-a-Word: Answer to This Month's Que Es Eso, Etymology of Huelga, Rascacielos and Chepeño, ROMEO Corner: Sofia Mediterraneo - San José and El Mirador at Arenas del Mar - Manuel Antonio

Edition 96
August 2016

Broken News: Nica Nibblin-Danny's Got the Munchies Again, Canada Day, Señora Costa Rica, Panama Canal Expanded, San Pedro Flasher; Rumble Talk: Large Quake Hits Northern Area while Volcan Poaz and Volcan Turrialaba Continue Spewing Ash & Steam, I Didn't Feel That; ¿Que Es Eso? Department: (Trit or Treat, Last Month's Que es Eso is Identified); Feature: TWA, Where Art Thou? (A Little Air Travel Nostalgia); Feature: Skeeter Skuttlebutt (Dealing With Picky Friends); Health Stuff: Spot o' Tea Pardner?, Pomegranate Power; What's-in-a-Word: Answer to This Month's Que Es Eso, an Answer to Last Month's Que Es Eso, Cielos, Mosquito, Granada; ROMEO Corner (L'Angolo - Quepos)

Edition 95
July 2016

Broken News (Motorcycle Accidents Up, Tanks...You're Welcome Danny, Unbelievable Headlines Dept., Quepos Quickies - Good Eyes, Futbol is Back!, Memorial Day Once More); Rumble Talk (It's Still All About Turrialba); ¿Que Es Eso? Department (Bet Ya Can't Guess This One!); Feature: Expats in Costa Rica (Counting the Uncountable); Feature: Amigos & Enemigos (Two Things Out of the Past); Health Stuff (Trends in Unusual Transplants, Local Disease Stats On Dengue, Eggs Against Diabetes); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Groingoization of Español Definitions); ROMEO Corner (Barba Roja - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 94
June 2016

Broken News: New Border Bridge; Border Pros Losing Money; Once More - Eat Chocolate!; Orcas, Elephants and Baby Boomers; Driverless Taxis Being Tested; Stolen Cell Phones; Quepos Quickies - Another Bridge Closing; Changing of the Guard; Futbol Tremors); Rumble Talk (Turrialba is Where the Action Is); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: It's All About Color; Feature: Legend of the Ox-Less Carts (a Legend and Myth from San José); Feature: Anciano Anxiety (How the Time Flies); Feature: Croc Crossing (But Never Cross the Path of a Croc); What's-in-a-Word: Answer to Que es Eso, Juancho, Adobe, Bolaños; ROMEO Corner (La Casita Azul - San José, La Casita Azul - San José; Marisqueria Velamar - Quepos)

Edition 93
May 2016

Broken News (Nica Canal Problems, Last of the Cubans Leave, Fire Season, Diabetes Drug or Fountain of Youth?, Costa Rica Birth Rate Drops, Quepos Quickies: Last of the One-Lane Bridges, JW's to the Rescue); Rumble Talk (Ecuador - The Big One in Ecuador, April Nostalgia); ¿Que Es Eso? Department (That's One Hairy Dude); Feature: Uber Gets Some Competition (New Taxi Outfit Details Code of Conduct); Feature:Robot Infatuation (Version 2.0); Feature: Lady Soldier of Costa Rica (Move Over Juan Santamaria); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Papagayo, Bomberos, Pancha); ROMEO Corner (Buena Vista del Mar at Tulemar, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 92
April 2016

Broken News (How to Fly to Costa Rica - FREE, Nica Canal Still Abuilding - Says Nicaragua, Gas Going Up? - Surely You Jest, Coffee Talk, Quepos Quickies - MA High on Central American Beach Ranking, Bus Fare Decreases Again);Rumble Talk (Turrialba and Momotombo Continue to Erupt); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Vanity, Thy Name is Gecko; Feature: San José Club Union (In the Heart of Things); Feature: The Last Cacique (Chief of the Firewater); Feature: Semana Santa (The Great Population Shift); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso, Etymology of Cacique); ROMEO Corner (P. F. Chang's - San José)

Edition 91
March 2016

Broken News (RECOPE - Refining the Logo, Uber Update, Love, Happiness and Tico DNA); Rumble Talk (Multiple Moderate Quakes Near Quepos, Severe Winds in Guanacaste and Central Valley); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: Hunting the Big One; Feature: Costa Rican Municipal Elections (How Ticos Count Ballots); Feature: Look Who's Back (Air Rickenbacker Reinvigorated); Feature: Another Day at the Beach (Roughing It); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to Que Es Eso); ROMEO Corner (Raphael's Terrazas, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 90
February 2016

Broken News (New Health Credit for Coffee, Bird-Friendly Wind Power, El Chapo Lookalike, Keeing Up With the Cubans, Snowzilla Hitchhiker, Quepos Quickies - Bus Station Renovations, Marchamo Made Easy, New Year's Fireworks); Rumble Talk (Earthquake-Proof Bed); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: "In Paris it's: Qu'est-ce que c'est?"; Feature: Toothsome Tico Dentistry (Let Me See That Smile Please); Feature: Su Casa es Mi Casa (Professional House-sitting Made Easy); Feature: Robot Mania ("Good Morning Sir; Coffee, Tea or Me?"); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Vaccine Prevents Resurrection, You Know You're Becoming Tico If..); ROMEO Corner (Salsipuedes, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 89
January 2016

Broken News (World Court Rules for Costa Rica, Cubans Dilemma, Sharks and Ice, Costa Rican Hockey Team, Barbie Bank, Quepos Quickies - Boat Parade, Progress at Plaza Bolivar, Millionth American Tourist Surfs); Rumble Talk (Tremors in Italy and Nicaragua, Study Relates Two Quakes in Two Different Latin Countires); ¿Que Es Eso? Department (Mysterious Loafers); Feature: Morphology of a Golden Gringo (Nostalgia Is Not What it Used To Be); Feature: Supermarket Soup (What's in a Grocery Store Name?); Feature: Revisiting Las Playas de Jakób (And A Coastal Advance in Thespianism); What's-in-a-Word Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Why Spanish is Like English; ROMEO Corner (El Hicaco, Jacó)

Edition 88
December 2015

Broken News (Wages Up & Bus Fares Down, Last Naked Tica, Dumb Headlines Department, Porous Perimeters, Quepos Quickies); Rumble Talk (Two Moderate Shakers, 4.5 & 5.2 Along the Pacific Coast); ¿Que Es Eso? Department: "It's Alive, It's Moving!!!"; Feature: Christmas in Costa Rica (Feliz Navidad); Feature: The Malecón (Dam Good Life); Feature: Respecting Regional Reptiles (The Snakes of Costa Rica); What's-in-a-Word (Answer to ¿Que Es Eso?, Terciopelo, Nalgas, Black Friday, Snooze-You Lose); ROMEO Corner (Mercato del Porto, Quepos)

Edition 87
November 2015

Broken News (Petrol Prices, Whopper No Mas, Dolphin Super Pod, Quepos Quickies - Expanded Supers); Rumble Talk (Quake Outside Quepos , Really?, Turrialba Rumbling and Quaking Again); ¿Que Es Eso? Department (What is this?); Feature: Va Pues (Cavorting in Nicaragua, Once Again); Feature: Quepos Hospital (It's History and It's Namesake); Feature: A Boruca Story (Legend of the Quetzal); What's-in-a-Word (Va Pues, Answer to Que Es Eso); ROMEO Corner (La Cantina - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 86
October 2015

Broken News (Where's the Beef?, Are You Kidding Me?, Quepos Quickies (Plaza Bolivar, Jocotes are Back); Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On or About the Pacific Rim - Quake in Chile); Feature: Riding Canopy Bici (Hang Gliding for Ancianos); Feature: Arcos Dorados (Franchise Food Fluctuations in Ticoland); Feature: Ticoland Uber Alles (Press 1 to Get a Pick Up, Press 2 to Pay); What's-in-a-Word (Anciano, Pirata/Porteadore); ROMEO Corner (Kapi, Kapi, Manuel Antonio)

Edition 85
September 2015

Broken News (Nica Canal Happenings, GMO Guts Greenhouse Gases, New Miss Costa Rica, The Bombero Boys, Quepos Quickies - Landing Fees Investigated, Mangos and Mamones Month; Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Fútbol (Forget the FIFA Problems, It's in the Blood!); Feature: Off the Tourist Trail in San José (Walking Through Barrio Amón); Feature: Riding the Cat (Cruising the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Shoreline); What's-in-a-Word (Mejenga, Bombero); ROMEO Corner (Gabriella's - Quepos)

Edition 84
August 2015

Broken News: GG Appointed Contributor to QCosta Rica, Also to Bristol Who's Who, One More for Chocolate, Gringas Gain the Cup, Quepos Quickies: (Parking Regs Lifted, Another Ex-Pat Fiesta, GG Explained); Rumble Talk (Earthquake Warning System); Feature: Print Your Next Car (More on Additive Manufacturing); Feature: No Hablo Inglès (Getting Down with Spanish); Feature: Al and Doris Meet the Road (A Hitchhiker's Essay); What's-in-a-Word (3-D Printing Explained); ROMEO Corner (Gondola - Manuel Antonio, Delfines con Amor - San José)

Edition 83
July 2015

Broken News: Tourist Season, Quepos Quickies - More on the New Parking Regs, Geraldo Update, Mango Munching Mutt, Navas Nuptials, Caitlyn or Nix; Rumble Talk: (Quiet Time, Bad Turrialba Prediction); Feature: Ex-Pat Fiestas (Remembering the Homeland on Holidays); Feature: FIFA Flim Flam (World Class Money Problems in Futbol); Feature: Legend of Turrialba (Romeo and Juliet, Costa Rican Style); What's-in-a-Word (Ex, Portero): ROMEO Corner ("Z", Quepos)

Edition 82
June 2015

Broken News: Quepos-Quickies (New Parking Regulation, Bus Fares Skyrocket, International Living Interview, Gecko for Lunch); Rumble Talk: Turrialba Still Active, Central CR Shaky; Feature: Playa Diversiones (Other Fun Things to Do at the Beach); Feature: Coffee as Health Food (From Scourge to Health Aid in a Few Years); Feature: Body Transplants (The Ultimate in Health Care): What's-in-a-Word (Tectonic); ROMEO Corner (BLUE, Quepos)

Edition 81
May 2015

Broken News: (Bagman Bagged Bartering Birds from a Bag in Bagaces, Aging Good for Health, Semana Santa Stats, Lutherans Out - Secularists In and Quepos Quickies Heard on the Street); Rumble Talk (Good Friday Tremor); Feature: Super Tsunamis (Waiting to Surf a Very Large Wave); Feature: The Pleasure and Power of Papaya (Fruit of the Angels); Feature: Artista del Barrio (When You Love What You Do); What's-in-a-Word (Fruit & Papaya); ROMEO Corner (El Gran Escape - Quepos)

Edition 80
April 2015

Broken News: (Designing Excellence, Paving Progress, Ditch Drama Continues, Vying for Bottom Place, Quepos Quickies); Rumble Talk (Eruption Flare-Ups at Turrialba); Feature: Prisoner #1713 (How to Become a Writer - the Hard Way); Feature: Cerro de la Muerte (Riding the Mountain of Death); Feature: Jungle Jessie (When Saving Lives is More Than Just a Job); What's-in-a-Word (Monchito, Juancho); ROMEO Corner (Puerto Escondido - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 79
March 2015

Broken News (Feral Cats and Crocs, Once More Ortega Stirs it Up, Quepo en Quepos, Quepos); Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Costa Rican Tamales (The Maize Craze - a Satisfying Tradition); Feature: Visiting the Nicoya (No Revenge in This Montezuma); Feature: Statuesque San José (An Interesting Walking Tour of Our Capital City); What's-in-a-Word (Montezuma, Coatimundi, Feral, Uchuva Fruit); ROMEO Corner (Pollo Surfo - Quepos and Puggo's - Montezuma)
Edition 78
February 2015
Broken News (Throwing the Bull, Postage for Progeny, Costa Rica Trying to Save the Americans!); Rumble Talk (10 Years of Earthquakes in Three Minutes); Feature: Potholes and Wormholes (Los Huecos of Costa Rica and Avoiding Falling Through the Universe); Feature: Montevideo (Visiting the Capital of Uruguay); Feature: Getting Down with Squid (Cooking Class in the Rainforest); What's-in-a-Word (Huecos, Escalera); ROMEO Corner (Jiuberth's Marisqueria - Quepos)
Edition 77
January 2015
Broken News (Budget Bloopers, More Nica Ditch Drama, Ticos Concerned for Americans, Curious Tourists Department); Rumble Talk (Slumber Rumble); Feature: Manuel Antonio Rocks! (The Rock Islands of Manuel Antonio Beach); Feature: Impresiónes de Buenos Aires - A Gringo-Tico In Criollo Country (Part 2 – Touring Buenos Aires); Feature: Visiting Buenos Aries (Part 3 - The Food); What's-in-a-Word (Criollo, Tango, Gorra, Cuita); ROMEO Corner (El Lirio, Manuel Antonio)
Edition 76
December 2014
Broken News (Quepos Marina Slowly Growing, Super Expansion Fever); Rumble Talk (More on Predicting Tremors, Turrialba Re-Asserting Itself); Feature: A Brief History of Argentina (Part 3 - The Modern Era, 1816 to Present); Feature: Impresiónes de Buenos Aires (A Gringo-Tico Visiting Crillolo Country); Part 1 – The Trip Down and First Impressions of BA; Feature: SJDS Redux (Revisiting San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua); What's-in-a-Word (Dollar & Dollar Sign - $, Pez Vela); ROMEO Corner: Tin Jo, San José
Edition 75
November 2014
Broken News (When Crime Comes Home, More on Electronic Narcissism, Heavy-Handed Police - Again, Ceviche Festival Coming to Quepos); Rumble Talk (Eruption in Japan, Fatal Quake in Peru, Quepos Shakes Two Times in Twenty Minutes); Feature: A Brief History of Argentina (Part 2 - The Columbian Period, 1500 to 1816); Feature: White Water Rafting Without a Raft (A Personal Corcovado Adventure); Feature: Holy Crocodile! (How Some Costa Ricans Get Their Exercise); What's-in-a-Word (Argentina, Rio de la Plata); ROMEO Corner (Fred's Place, Manuel Antonio)
Edition 74
October 2014
Broken News (Contentious Canals, Manatee Will Be New Maritime Symbol. Keep It Simple Solis); Rumble Talk (More Activity This Month, Mystery Eruption); Feature: A Brief History of Argentina (Part 1 - The Pre-Columbian Period, Prior to 1500); Feature: Need a New part for Your Dishwasher? - Print It! (All About Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing); Feature: Mamónes (A Curious, Beloved Fruit of Costa Rica); What's-in-a-Word (Chicha, Rambutan(Mamón)); ROMEO Corner (The Falls, Manuel Antonio)
Edition 73
September 2014
Broken News (Solis Levying Decrees and Raising Eyebrows, Minimum Wage Adjustment Time, Vehicle Death Rate Up); Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Isla de Coiba (The Devil Is In the Details); Feature: Primate Peculiarities (Monkey Business in Costa Rica); Feature: Centenarian Capers (Living Beyond the 100 Mark); What's-in-a-Word (Ramón); ROMEO Corner (Gondola - Hotel Tres Banderas, Manuel Antonio)
Edition 72
August 2014
Broken News (Olé Ticos - Ya!, Solis Trying, Nevertheless Exports Are Up), And So Are Tourist Taxes; Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Tico Temperance (Selected Mammals that Drink in Ticoland); Feature: No Hangover Here (The Woodpeckers of Costa Rica); Feature: Exposing the Ex-Pats (Where Do All Those Gringos Go); What's-in-a-Word (boracho); ROMEO Corner (Claro Que Sí @ Si Como No - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 71
July 2014
Broken News (Double-Speak Good, ¿Balanced Budget; Really?, Chaos in Quepos); Rumble Talk (Poás Eruption); Feature: Reptiles-R-Us (Getting a New Gecko); Feature: Ormiga Attack (The Ants of Costa Rica); Feature: Journey of a Thousand Steps (La Paz Waterfall Gardens); What's-in-a-Word (Gecko, Catarata); ROMEO Corner (Alma de Café, San José)
Edition 70
June 2014
Broken News (Solis Takes Office, Catholic Clerics No - Lutherans OK, Eliiminating Death); Rumble Talk (Arenal Quiet, New Eruption Predictor, Latest Shaker); Feature: Flower Power (The Orchids of Costa Rica); Feature: Printing Made Easy in Costa Rica (The Philadelphia Connection); Feature: Swimming Anyone? (A Couple of Ways to Feed a Croc); What's-in-a-Word (Guaria Morada, Crocodile Tears); ROMEO Corner (El Avion - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 69
May 2014
Broken News (New President, Basic Ecology, Intel Pulling Up Stakes?, Exit the Exit Tax); Rumble Talk (Aftershocks, Feeling the 6.6 Tremblor in Nicaragua); Feature: Tsu, Tsu, Tsu, Tsunami (Waiting for the Big Curl); Feature: Surviving Semana Santa (Holy Moley, Where Did Y'all Come From?!); Feature: Quema de Judas (Burn, Baby, Burn); What's-in-a-Word (Tsunami, Tienda de Campaña); ROMEO Corner (La Colina, Manuel Antonio)
Edition 68
April 2014
Broken News (More on Mora, Fiebre Estadio, Spiney Spearfishing); Rumble Talk (Unbuilding Puntarenas Hospital); Feature: How to Make Round Stones (The Power of Moving Water); Feature: Navigating Nicaland (San Juan del Sur and Granada); Feature: Santa Muerte (The Saint of Death); What's-in-a-Word (Mora, Cañas, Granada, Deacachimba); ROMEO Corner (El Timón, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua)
;; ;;;
Edition 67
March 2014
Broken News (The Chronicles as Novels, Costa Rica National Elections, 200th Anniversary of Presidential Hero, Readers' Comments); Rumble Talk (More Minor Tremors, More on Man-Made Tremors, Strange Neutron-from-Tremors Shroud Theory); Feature: The Road to Everywhere (Pan-American Highway);
Feature: Being BriBri (An Iindigenous People of Costa Rica);
Feature: Tapering Off (The Tapirs of Costa Rica); What's-in-a-Word (Goma, Cacao); ROMEO Corner (Barba Roja, Manuel Antonio; Emelio's Cafe - Addendum)
Edition 66
February 2014
Broken News (Bumps and Angels, Coffee and Memory); Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: The Basics of Going Batty (About The Bats of Costa Rica); Feature: Up, Up and Away (History of Airports in CR); Feature: A Lizzard of a Different Color (When Chameleons Get Angry); What's-in-a-Word (Chameleon, Bat); ROMEO Corner (El Lagarto - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 65
January 2014
Broken News (Brits Discover Hemholtz, Traveling Tuna, Banana Birds); Rumble Talk (New Techniue for Identifying Tremor Prone Areas); Feature: The Costa Rican Health Care System - A Primer - Part II, The Public System; Feature: Legend of La Segua (Don't Share Your Horse With a Strange Woman; Feature: Life's a Beach (How Negatives Can Be Positive); What's-in-a-Word (Segua, Mesoamerica); ROMEO Corner (El Gran Escape - Quepos)
Edition 64
December 2013

Broken News (Ease of Doing Business Index, Nica Erosion Strategy, Tramposa Deja Vu); Feature: All About Lightning (Beautiful Electricity); Feature: Costa Rican Health Care (A Primer - Part I, The Private System); Feature: Froggy Went a Courtin' (Color me Poisonous); What's-in-a-Word (Tramposa, Dead Ringer); ROMEO Corner (Emilio's - Manuel Antonio)

Edition 63
November 2013
Broken News (Super Mas No Mas, Mind Melding); Rumble Talk (Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: History of Costa Rica - A Primer, Part III (The Modern Era, 1821 to the Present); Feature: Moving Right Along (More ROMEO Travel Adventures); Feature: Herculean Bovine (The Oxen of Costa Rica); What's-in-a-Word (Oxen Commands); ROMEO Corner (Wong's - San José; Il Padrino - San José)
Edition 62
October 2013
Broken News (Perpetual Tourist Rules Changing, Cow Patty News, Nanotech Morphos); Rumble Talk (Largest Volcanic Eruption Ever - Didn't Feel a Thing); Feature: History of Costa Rica - A Primer, Part II (The Spanish Occupation, from 1502 to 1821); Feature: The Peculiar Pejibaye (The Fruit of the Peach Palm); Feature: Hanging Around (In Defense of Slothful Behavior); What's-in-a-Word (Perezoso, Milagro); ROMEO Corner (Cafe Milagro-Manuel Antonio)
Edition 61
September 2013
Broken News (GGC Five Year Anniversary, Another Plus for Chocolate, Arachnid Assassin); Rumble Talk (Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Electronic Narcissism (Text Me NOW Amigo); Feature: Killer Fish (Lions and Zebras and Turkeys, Oh My!); Feature: Costa Rica History - A Primer, Part I (From Adam and Eve to Spanish Occupation - before 1500 AD); What's-in-a-Word (Narcissism); ROMEO Corner (El Wagon Pizzaria)
Edition 60
August 2013
Broken News (How to Become a Saint, Monkey See - Human Do, Madness and Miracles); Rumble Talk (Is Arenal Really Sleeping?, Scream Warning); The Power of Pipa (Coconut Water to the Rescue); Going Bananas (Or Is It Going Plantains?); Reptile Shenanigans (What a Croc This is); What's-in-a-Word (Pipa, Platanos, Gringoes); ROMEO Corner (Ronny's Place - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 59
July 2013
Broken News (Costa Rica on Top in Futbol, Nica Canal Update, Breeding Brangus, Chepito Ascending); Rumble Talk (Shaky Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Las Carretas de Costa Rica (My Cart's Prettier Than Your Cart); Don't Pitch the Paw Paw Seeds (Another Weapon For Fighting Dengue); Feature: Pass the Grasshoppers Please (Cooking That Can Bug You); What's-in-a-Word (Entomophagy); ROMEO Corner: (Kúkula - Quepos)
Edition 58
June 2013
Broken News (Going Green With Coffee, First World Court Ruling on Nica Invasion, Easy Does It); Rumble Talk (Nothing Major Happening -Well Wait a Minute); Maya Blue (And Other Colors That Last); Turned On by the Sea (Blowfish, Oysters or Sea Cucumbers Anyone?); Raising Golden Arches in Paradise (McTico Facts); What's-in-a-Word (Attapulgite, Logophile); ROMEO Corner (La [New] Bohemia)
Edition 57
May 2013
Broken News (It's Snow Joke, Mega Marine Mammals); More on Palms and Pods (Getting the Facts Straight About Palm Oil Production); Of Rain and Bugs (The Rain Cometh, It Can Bug You); Already Got Bugs? Get a Gecko (Forget About the Mutt for a Pet); Raising Cane (How Sweet It Is); What's-in-a-Word (Bagasse, Cuchumba);
Edition 56
April 2013
Broken News (Chinchilla Cool on Calero Caper Cooperation, Perspicacious Pricing, Spheres Festival); Rumble Talk (A Bump in the Osa, Lava as Lubricant); Feature: Hello Aloe (Slather it on or Swallow It, It's Good Stuff); Feature: Bocas del Toro, Panama (A Little Slice of Paradise on the Caribbean Coast); Feature: Uncle Chepito (Staying One Step Ahead of the Nuns); What's-in-a-Word (Panama, Chepito, Red); ROMEO Corner (Mar Luna - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 55
March 2013
Broken News: (Bang, Lunch for One Please, Roya de Cafe, Mega Rice-a-Roni); Rumble Talk: (More of the Mediocre, Studying the Rift); Feature: Frogs con Leche (Preserving Milk and Other Accidental Science); Feature: Rating Retirement (It's Not All About Numbers); Feature: Karate Kids (Hu - aaah, yo suki!); What's-in-a-Word (More Bilingual Banter, Estupido); ROMEO Corner (Dragonfly - Manuel Antonio, Agua Azul - Manuel Antonio)
Edition 54
February 2013
Broken News: (What's to Say?, More on Manuel Antonio the Man, Bees Lead Call Outs); Rumble Talk (Double Down Under, Nicaragua Too); Feature: Growing Faith (Living in the Word); Feature: End of the World (And Other Non-Happenings); Feature: Própolis (Mind Your Bee's Wax); What's-in-a-Word (Growing Your Brain); ROMEO Corner (L'Angolo - Quepos);
Edition 53
January 2013
Broken News (Starbuck's Progress, Driver's License Changes, Tico Rithmetic); Rumble Talk (Unstable Happenings On Or About the Pacific Rim); Feature: Hablo Español Muy Good (More on Misusing & Abusing My Adopted Second Language); Feature: Triathlon Mission Accomplished ("Sorry, You'll Never Walk Again" - "Wanna Bet?"); Feature: Aguirre Explained (How Our Canton Got It's Name); What's-in-a-Word (La Metida de Pata, Maguire); ROMEO Corner (Sunspot Grill at Hotel Makanda - Manuel Antonio, Lotus Garden - Puerto Viejo)
Edition 52
December 2012
Broken News: (Watch Your Stuff in December, Easing on Down, Confounded Celibacy); Rumble Talk (No Let Up In Tremors, Guatemala Too, Get it Right Or Else); Feature: Christmas in Costa Rica (Sunny Days, Mucho Festivales & Parades, Tamales & Pork Leg); Feature: Nick at Night (Sugar Plums and Saints); Feature: ¿Who Was Manuel Antonio? (Will the Real Manuel Antonio Please Stand Up); What's-in-a-Word (Conquistador); ROMEO Corner (La Bohemia - Quepos & Que Rico Papito - Puerto Viejo); 
Edition 51
November 2012
Broken News (Munching Pejibaye, The Chino-Nica Ditch, Hollywood and Vine, Expat Amnesty?); Rumble Talk (Tidings Of Tremors On the Pacific Rim); Feature: Spotted Skeeters (A Nasty and Dangerous Pest); Feature: Duran, Duran (Tales of Tuberculosis, Ghostly Nuns and Haggis); Feature: Pay the Penguin On The Way Out (How to Embarrass a Debtor, Latino Style); What's-in-a-Word (Hongos, Tepezcuintle); ROMEO Corner (Salt - Manuel Antonio).
Edition 50
October 2012
Broken News (50th Anniversary , Terremoto Terror, Mo' Money Matters, Easy Panama Residency, GGC Poll Results); Feature: Hurricanes, No Gracias (Why Hurricanes Never Hit Costa Rica); Feature: They're Cuckoo for Cocos Cache  (New Effort to Find Costa Rica's Hidden Treasure); Feature: Rubber Duckies (Not Just in My Bathtub Anymore); What's-in-a-Word (Tricky Translations); ROMEO Corner (Salsipuedes - Manuel Antonio); Founder's Quotes (Thomas Jefferson on The Almighty and the Nation).
Edition 49
September 2012
Broken News (Expat Contest Results, Classy Rescue, Huelga at ICE); Feature: Soy Tico (A Feeble Attempt at Capturing the Psyche of My Host People); Feature: POPS (Galactic Treats); Feature: Medical Tourism (Fix It And Flaunt It); What's-in-a-Word (Tiquicia, Chepe); ROMEO Corner (Raphael's); Founder's Quotes (Madison on Federal Versus State Powers)


Edition 48
August 2012


Broken News (Danny's Ditch, Quepos Quivering Again, Costa Rica in Futsal World Cup); Feature: Pedestrian Pedantics (Observations on Walking and Driving in Costa Rica); Feature: Gorditos (The Obesity Problem: U.S. and Costa Rica); Feature: Busy Zompopas (How to Maintain a Low BMI); What's-in-a-Word (Gordito, Mae); ROMEO Corner (Vistoria's - Manuel Antonio); Founder's Quotes (John Adams on Debt)
Edition 47S
mid-July 2012
Broken News (Cédula Update, Rich Rush. More China Ties, Tico at the Top, Harried Hookers, New Airport, Nica Invasion Update, IBM Tech Center, Obamacare and Ex-Pats, Sweet Processor); What's-in-a-Word (Henry Grandchild, Ex-Pat); Founder's Quotes ("Ben, What is It?")
Edition 47
July 2012
Broken News (Miss Costa Rica Update, Jacó Stadium, Apocalypse Postponed); Feature: Stats on Two States (Big Guy vs Little Guy); Feature: Coffee & Shrooms (Java is Short, Shrooms Will Pop Up); Feature: Of Palms and Pods (Oil About Those Strange Palm Clusters); What's-in-a-Word (Veranilla de San Juan, Coyol); ROMEO Corner (La Cubanita - Quepos); Founder's Quotes (James Madison on Encroaching Government)
Edition 46
June 2012
Broken News (Miss Costa Rica, the Rico Ricos, Laura's Other Side); Feature: Stinky Feet Fruit (and Other Marvels of the Jungle); Feature: Lazy Leaves (a Slothful Approach to Life); Feature: Travel Characters (Abound Here); What's-in-a-Word (Xenophilia, May Day); ROMEO Corner (a. Puerto Escondito - Manuel Antonio & La Dolce Vita - Quepos); Founder's Quotes (Washington on the Public Debt and Tom Paine on the Constitution)
Edition 45
May 2012
Broken News (Starbuck's Entrada, Quivering Nicoya, Burn Judas Burn); Feature: Museo Nacionál (Talking History and Butterflies); Feature: Busing Around (Those Mysterious Bus Schedules); Feature: Juan Santamaria (A Real Tico Hero); What's-in-a-Word (Buena Nota, Filibuster); ROMEO Corner (a. Puerto Escondido - Manuel Antonio & b. Restaurant Ana - San José); Founder's Quotes (Jefferson on Washington Directing Our Lives)


Edition 44
April 2012

Broken News (Rainforest On Fire, More on the New Tax Plan, Nica Border Update); Feature: Salvavidas (Our Friendly Lifeguards); Feature: Life's a Beach (Ceviche Anyone?); Feature: Balls of Stone (The Indians Had Them); What's-in-a-Word (Golden Gringo); ROMEO Corner (a. Miguelito's - Quepos and b. La Princesa Marina - San José); Founder's Quotes (Madison on the National Debt)

Edition 43

March 2012


Broken News (In Memoriam - Paul Parsonage, Coffee Vs Type II, Turbulence at Turrialba, Occupy Avenida Secunda); Feature: Tico Pussycats (Wildcats of Costa Rica); Feature: Cocoaplata (Money as Chocolate); Feature: Giggle, Gaggle, Google (Epitymology of a Winner); What's-in-a-Word (Plata, Solo Bueno); ROMEO Corner (Rich & Jan's - Quepos); Founder's Quotes (Jefferson on Pay as You Go)

Edition 42
February 2012

Broken News (Slippery Scheckles, Shaking in the Rain, Photo Expo, Tax on Corps, Identification Please, Tourist Prayer); Feature (Choo Choo Chiquita); Feature (Languid in Language); Feature (Chi-Chi-Chicharones); What's-in-a-Word (Body Parts Confused, Trabalengua); ROMEO Corner (Kong and Susan); Founder's Quotes (Abe Lincoln on What Not to Do)

Edition 41
January 2012


Broken News (Abusive Alcalde, Bridge Business, Pinto Cookies); Feature - New Year's Costa Rican Style (Color Down Under); Feature - Tapas de Dulce (How Sweet It Is); Feature - Seeking the Cédula - Part II (Finding the Freenie Bird); What's-in-a-Word (Pascua); ROMEO Corner (La Hacienda - Manuel Antonio); Founder's Quotes (Madison and Jefferson on Federal Spending)

Edition 40
December 2011
Broken News (Miss Costa Rica, Pan American Gold); Super Mas Rules (There are some places you just can't do without); Christmas Traditions in Costa Rica; Prowling in Panama; What's-in-a-Word (tapas); ROMEO Corner (Jungle Juice - Quepos);
Founder's Quote (Thomas Jefferson on Lawyers in Congress and James Madison on Unrealistic Expectations)

Edition 39

November 2011


Broken News (Broadway Comes to Jacó, "Twenty-Four", Chavez' Parity); Futbol, Futbol, Futbol! (The Return of Equipo Madrigal); La Feria (Let's Talk Fresh Fruits and Vegetables); Mangomania (How Schweet it is!) What's-in-a-Word (Ojalá, Pelota); ROMEO Corner (Gran Inca - Quepos); Founder's Quote (George Washington on the Road Well Traveled and John Adams on Property Rights)

Edition 38
October 2011

Broken News (New Format Vote Results, Nicas at it Again, New Worm, MaxiPali & Subway Open, Dia de Independencia); Gullible Travels (Wherein GG's Scam Radar is Noted to be a Dismal Failure); Morphos (The extraordinary beauty of the big, blue butterfly); What's-in-a-Word (Monthly Paraprosdokian, Playas de Jacób, pajosa); ROMEO Corner (Gato Negro); Founder's Quote (John Adams on Morality and the Constitution and John Marshall on Limiting Taxes).

Edition 37
September 2011
Broken News (Tico Guanacaste - You Can't Have it Nicas!, Million Man March - a Legend of Devotion); Leyenda del Zurqui (a Legend of Indians and Butterflies); Isla de Coco (A Legend of Treasure Island); What's-in-a-Word (Monthly Paraprosdoskian, pipas, Sipping Ale); ROMEO Corner (The Dome - Uvita); Founder's Quotes (Thomas Jefferson Exposed)
Edition 36
August 2011
Broken News (Milestone, Money Changers), Confessions of a Banker, Java and More Java, On the Prowl in Parrita, What's-in-a-Word (Palo Seco, Veranillo), ROMEO Corner (Karola's), Founder's Quotes (Noah Webster/Thomas Jefferson)
Edition 35
July 2011
Broken News (Encroaching Civilization, While Others Close), Fine Feathered Friends, Got Paragua?, Cuña Cut, What's-in-a-Word (Around the World Trivia, Cuña versus Cuna), ROMEO Corner (Tre Scalini- Santa Ana), Founders' Quotes
Edition 34
June 2011
Broken News (Muslims Benefits Cut, Good Rad News), Man's Best Friend, What's-in-a-Word (Pura Vida!), ROMEO Corner (La Galeria at Parador), Founder's Quote Department
Edition 33
May 2011
Broken News (New Stadium Inaugurated, Tough Little Tica, Semana Santa), Flowers Are for Eating, Tales of Whales' Tails, How to Beat a Terremoto, What's-in-a-Word (Twisted Translator, Comehuevos),
ROMEO Corner (The Falls), Founder's Quote Dept.
Edition 32
April 2011
Broken News (Golden Gringo Tarnished, Nica Aggression Ruling. Tsunami Experience), Un Esplendido Dia, Teen Tico, PAWS, What's-in-a-Word (Flores y Chicas, Che, ROMEO), ROMEO Corner (Che y Che Parilla, Joker Reopens), Founder's Quote
Edition 31
March 2011
Broken News (Nica Invasion Update), Buenos Aires Report, Easy Rider, Coffee, Bananas, Microchips Anyone?, What's-in-a-Word (Pólvera), ROMEO Corner (El Gran Escape)
Edition 30
February 2011
Broken News (Annual Holidays, Fiesta Fever, Nica Invasion Update), Rosalita's Secret and Los Variadades , Chicharrones, What's-in-a-Word (Soda, Jacó), ROMEO Corner (Fish Hook - Golfito)
Episode 29
January 2011
Broken News (Municipal Elections, Nica Invasion Update), Don't Take Any Wooden Colones, How Not to Look and Act Like a Tourist, What's-in-a-Word (Mata Something), ROMEO Corner (Kapi Kapi)
Episode 28
December 2010
Broken News (Costa Rica Invaded or Welcome to the Google War!), Anatomy of a Landslide, A Rank Ranking, What's-in-a-Name (la maceta), ROMEO Corner (Cafe Jacqué - Manuel Antonio)
Episode 27
November 2010
Broken News (A Budget in the Trillions, How to Change a Very Big Llanta), Arroz es Arroz es Arroz, What's-in-a-Name (Yo Quepo en Quepos, Jugo or Juego, Bailey Bridge), When There is No Name, Joke Corner - Management Pointers, ROMEO Corner (Si Como No - Manuel Antonio)    

Episode 26
October 2010

Broken News (Alcalde Saga Continues), Singing in the Rain, El Dia de Independencia, Miscellany (Double Humor), R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Sancho's - Manuel Antonio)
Broken News (El Dia de La Madre, ROMEO on the Move), Sticking With Eve's Fruit, Cell Phone Mania, What's-in-a-Word Dept. (Top Languages by Population, Santiago & Margarita), Buenos Aires Report, Miscellany (Joke Corner, Prodigy Dept.), R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Bogart's - Quepos)
Broken News (World Cup Futbol Wrap-Up, Of Bridges and Cameras, Rain Update), Cuatro de Julio, On Being a Republic for Ninety Days, Miscellany (Tenors Redux), R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Joker Pizza - Quepos)
Broken News (La Tormenta, Legislative Largesse, On Tough Ticas), World Cup Futbol, Miscellany (3 Other Tenors, Double Take), R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Coconut Spice Restaurant - Dominical)
Episode 22
June 2010
Broken News (Quepos Welcome Sign, Laura Takes Over, Monge Memorial Bridge, Shaking & Swimming),
Jbug Jenny, R.O.M.E.O. Corner (ACAI Redux)
Episode 21
May 2010
Alcalde de La Playa, What's-in-a-Word (lluvia), Technology Rampant, R.O.M.E.O. Corner (El Patio - San Jose)
Breaking News (Stadium, Festivals, Earthquake-Chart); Los Stilwells; What's-in-a-Word (el abono); R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Balcon de Europa - San Jose)
Episode 19
March 2010

Breaking News (Laura Wins!), The Ice Lady Cometh, Festival Time, R.O.M.E.O. Corner (ACAI - Quepos)

Breaking News (Futbol Heating Up In Quepos), Musketeers on the Road Again, R.O.M.E.O. Corner (Bread and Chocolate - Puerto Viejo)
Episode 17
January 2010

Living on the Rim, What's in a Word (Water Apple, Spanglish-Spanish Style), U.S. versus Costa Rican Constitution, Breaking News (Drinking on Election Day)

Of Cookies and Dead Birds, Mercado Feria, On Overpriced Lamb Legs, What's-In-a-Name (Gringo Dorado, R.O.M.E.O.), Breaking News (Bus Fares Jump, "In Tramite")

Mexico on $10 a Day; Help-a-Cop Day, What's-in-a-Word (Esposas or Handcuffs?, You Know You're a Tico If...), Breaking News (Sargento Re-opens)

Episode 14
August 2009

Los Conductors, Hanging Ten in Jaco, Dubious Quotes Dept (Technological Giants), Sargento No Mas

Episode 13
July 2009

Granada-Nicaragua, What's-in-a-Word Department (Spotted Rooster, Muchas Correctiones), Beach Attack

Marine Invasion, Loo in the Lite, Retirement Department, Boobs on the Bus

Episode 11
May 2009

Labor Day, Gymnasio, What’s-in-a-Word Department (Vendarenas, Corrections, Re-Corrections), Getting a Cedula

Episode 10
April (2) 2009

Samana Santa, What's-in-a-Word (Trustafarian, Estadounidensis), Winter in the Jungle, Futbol in the Hood

Episode 9
April 2009

Infrastructure Improvements, What's-in-a-Word (Email Handles, Corrections), San Andres, Fishing Forecast

Episode 8
March 2009

Transient Behavior, Tapas at Sunset, What's-in-a-Word (Gringo, Tico, Tuanis, Correction), Socorista

Beach Bus Bingo, Spanish - German Style, Seagulls & Seagal, Pugilistic Contrast

Episode 6
January 2009

What's in a Brand Name (Toyota Alto, Exxon, Bimbo), Health Update, Holidays in the Rain Forest, Adventures in Panama, Grand Tremblor

Episode 5
December (2) 2008

Por La Salud

Orinal vs Sanitario, What's in a Word (colores), First Spanish Meeting, Getting Acclimated, At The Beach

Episode 3
November 2008

New Digs, Living in the Hood, Corporate Concerns, Turkey Day in the Jungle

Episode 2
November 2008

Una Dia Tipica in Quepos

Local and Loco in Costa Rica

Episode 0
September 2008

Forward, Crossing the Rio Grande


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