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We also offer a series of books by the Chronicles chief editor, Bob Normand and suggested books below by authors who are members or associates of the Quepos-Manuel Antonio Writers Group, Included in book group are several inspirational books focused on life-changing events. In addition to the books, the GGC product offering below also includes novelty items such as Golden Gringo T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs that carry the GGC and Costa Rica themes.

Section I: Books from GGC Publications Group

All books offered below are on available
in both hard copy and Kindle Version.

Las Esferas, Mystery Spheres of Costa Rica

Paperback - 104 Pages $13.95
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In the 1930s Companía Bananera, the Banana Company, a pre-cursor to Chiquita, was preparing a plot of land for new cultivation in the Diquis Region of southern Costa Rica when they unearthed a sizeable stone sphere. That incident began a series of similar discoveries that has, to the present, resulted in finding over three hundred of these extraordinary and unique spheres of stone.

From the moment they were first found, Costa Rica’s stone spheres (Las Esferas in Spanish) have been a subject of speculation. Who formed them? When were they formed? How was it that many of them were nearly perfect spheres, a technical accomplishment far beyond pre-Colombian capability? How were these heavy rocks distributed about the countryside?

Many explanations proposed by knowledgeable people fall short of answering these mysteries, including a suggestion that space aliens helped the natives. Perhaps in the future we will find the answers to these mysteries, or, then again, maybe we won’t. In the meantime the spheres remain a Costa Rican natural and historical treasure.

Las Esferas is the story of a fictional but typical regional tribe called the Kaberkirwaks who form from two migrant indigenous groups of Amerindians and settle in the Diquis region some five hundred years before the Spanish arrive in the new world. As part of their development, an early Cacique, or Chief, institutes a coming of age ceremony called a Vision Quest that includes an herb enhanced spiritual exercise. For over one hundred years, a period called the Golden Age of Spheres, this ceremony resulted in the accumulation of the spheres.


Also available in Kindle format.

Golden Gringo Chronicles - The Novel


Paperback - 195 Pages - $9.95
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The story of the Golden Gringo Chronicles is now available as a hard copy novel of 192 pages from Amazon and all major Online retailers ($9.95). Amazon link: GGC, the Book. Kindle Edition available.


Follow GG through the first six years of his odyssey from making the decision to retire in Costa Rica, then overcoming the trials and tribulations of moving and obtaining residency as an expatriate, and the fun and experience of actually living in Ticoland.


Ride along with the Golden Gringo as he experiences the rich, varied culture of Costa Rica, the incredible bio-diversity, the charming nature of the Costa Rican people and the ease with which a sometimes clueless expat can assimilate into a small southwestern town on the Pacific Coast.


Chapters Cover: Decision Time, Preparing for the Exodus; Driving to Costa Rica; Plan B; Costa Rica or Bust; Settling In; The First Weeks; Housing - Getting It Right; Pura Vida and Puros - Or So He Thought; Visa Renewal Time; Tormentas and Teremotos; Language Challenges; Beaches, Lifeguards and Backhoes; Using Buses and Taxies; Pursuing Official Residency; Food as Culture; Exploring Costa Rica and Beyond; The Chronicles Come of Age; Getting to Know Quepos/Manuel Antonio; Getting Residency; History of Costa Rica; Legends of Costa Rica; Costa Rica Wildlife; Weather and Tremors, Costa Rican Health Care System; Costa Rican Agriculture; Costa Rican Culture; Am I Tico Yet? Amazon link is: GGC, the Book.


Part 1-150 Part 2-150 Part 3 Light
FREE $3.99 $3.99
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The same narrative version of the Golden Gringo Chronicles novel is now also available as a trilogy of E-books in formats compatible with virtually all electronic platforms.


Part 1 is FREE! Parts 2 & 3 are $3.99 each. Click on part number below, right to review or to order.


Whether you are already a Costa Rican resident, someone contemplating a move to Ticoland or just a traveler who enjoys different cultures, you will find the Golden Gringo Chronicles interesting, entertaining and informative about Costa Rica.


Mariposa - A Love Story of Costa Rica


Paperback - 93 Pages - $8.95
Press to Order

Five hundred years before the Spanish found the American continent, about the end of the first millennium, Native Americans lived and prospered in Central America, including the land now known as Costa Rica. Truly a natural wonderland then and now, the natives were able to employ their farming skills and prosper from the rich soils, the forests filled with game, herbs, and spices, and the lakes and two oceans rich with fish and crustaceans.


The Mariposa story as written incorporates the classic ending of Costa Rica's Legend of Zurqui, one that reflects the beauty, mystery and spirituality that is Costa Rica. You can PREVIEW the Book on at: Mariposa Preview (This is Chapter 1 in its entirety):


Mariposa, or butterfly, is a story about two young Native Americans, a girl and a boy, each a favored child of a chief, but of different tribes. These two tribes, historically hostile to each other, lived a few days march apart in the mountains north and east of what is now known as Costa Rica’s central valley.


The two natives meet by accident, fall in love and begin to plan a life together only to be frustrated by events beyond their control. The lovers are eventually drawn to a mountain volcano which is thought by many to be the home of the gods, particularly Sib'ö, the Great Spirit, who they believe had created the world. Mariposa is also available in Spanish:


Bolsillo - 131 paginas - $9.95
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¡Este libro es disponible tambien en Español!


Quinientos años antes de que los españoles encontraran el continente Americano, cerca del final del primer milenio, nativos americanos vivieron y prosperaron en Centroamérica, incluyendo la tierra ahora conocida como Costa Rica. Al ser en verdad una maravilla natural entonces y ahora, los nativos fueron capaces de emplear sus habilidades agrícolas y prosperar gracias a su fértil suelo, al bosque lleno de presas, hierbas y especias, a los lagos y a dos océanos ricos en peces y crustáceos.


Mariposa es una historia sobre dos jóvenes nativos americanos, los dos hijos privilegiados de un jefe, pero de diferentes tribus. Estas dos tribus, históricamente hostiles entre ellas, vivían a unos pocos días de marcha de distancia en las montañas del norte y del este del valle central de Costa Rica.


Los dos nativos se conocen por accidente, se enamoran y comienzan a planear su vida juntos, que se frustra únicamente por eventos más allá de su control. Los amantes son arrastrados a un volcán el cual muchos creen que es el hogar de los dioses, particularmente de Sib’ö, el Gran Espíritu, que creen que fue quien creó el mundo.


Como estas historias son leyendas, involucran una buena cantidad de mito, lo que deja tanto al escritor como al lector la libertad de especular diferentes desenlaces. La historia como está escrita incorpora el final clásico de la legenda de Zurqui, que refleja la belleza, misterio y espiritualidad de Costa Rica.


Entreprenewal! Business Management Guide


Paperback - 96 Pages - $13.95
Press to Order

This book was authored by someone with forty years business experience who had his own practice helping small and medium sized businesses as a management consultant for more than fifteen of those years. During this period he operated as principal consultant for some 110 businesses. These included what the government defines as “small” businesses, meaning less than 500 employees and also includes “micro” businesses, that is to say, those firms employing less than 20 persons.

One of the things the consultant noticed in his practice was that, as businesses grow, they tend to have similar problems not necessarily related to the type of product or service they offered. These fall into the areas of strategic planning, human relations, profit and expense controls and disciplined sales/marketing programs and strategies. There was enough similarity in problems from company to company and enough repetitiveness in their solution to compel the consultant the write a book outlining the problems and solutions.


Entreprenewal was written to provide small business owners and key managers a simple understanding of the tools widely used in larger, successful businesses in order to improve their management abilities. The suggestions and operating procedures in "The Six-Step Recovery Program for Small Business" are basic management concepts found in major business schools which have been simplified to better fit smaller businesses. These operating procedures and techniques are tried and tested systems that have been installed in businesses of all sizes for management consulting fees of several hundred dollars per hour and many thousands of dollars total cost. They work.


Section II: Books From Other Authors (QMA and CR
Writers Groups): Real LIfe-Changing Stories


S.O.B.E.R. - How the Acronyms of Alcoholics Anonymous Got One Drunk Sober - by Ian Asotte.


This is a tale of a life changing event and experience written by Ian M. Asotte (a pseudonym). The characters are all real but all the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.


Paperback - 185 Pages - $12.85
Press to Order

S.O.B.E.R. is a bird’s eye view of how Alcoholics Anonymous works from the perspective of a long time, sober member. S.O.B.E.R. tells the story of William R. Schumacher - III (real character - fictitious name), a middle class professional who reluctantly enters the world of AA after falling out of his neighbor’s house one night in a drunken stupor.  In a search for ways to help him moderate and manage his drinking so he could once again enjoy a “perfect two martini lunch”, he finds instead the shocking reality that his behavior is a disease which demands total abstinence. 

Along the road to recovery our hero earns the nickname “Billybob” and encounters a number of colorful characters whose backgrounds run the gamut “from Yale to Jail.”  Initially, Billybob is put off by the persistent use of dozens of acronyms often heard in AA meeting rooms. Eventually, Billybob understands how the acronyms and sayings of Alcoholics Anonymous help the afflicted and overwrought brains of recovering alcoholics absorb the meaning of important principles that enhance recovery. 

S.O.B.E.R. takes you into the rooms and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as if you were a member. You will observe and relate to the pain, joy, suffering, confusion, elation, anger, resentment and, above all, the spiritual mystery that is AA. To the recovering alcoholic, S.O.B.E.R. re-affirms the success of the Alcoholics Anonymous program where “rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.” 

To the person struggling with the possibility of being alcoholic, S.O.B.E.R. may provide a non-threatening basis for self-identification and an impetus to investigate the program as a means to overcome their disease.  To the non-alcoholic, S.O.B.E.R. is an irreverently humorous yet inspirational look into a parallel dimension in modern behavior known as Alcoholics Anonymous.


To Eternal Happiness - by Abelardo Garcia, Jr.


Paperback - 187 Pages - $15.95
Press to Order

This is a true and tragic but loving story of a family that found itself facing terminal cancer in their youngest child, Alan. The boy contracted a particularly aggressive form of the disease in children, neuroblastoma, at the age of five.


The story recounts the bravery of the boy, his strong love for each and every moment he had with his family and the profound effect he had on his parents and older brother. The story as experienced was written by the father. The older brother, Abel, who long ago had became Alan's hero and mentor also became the editor of his memoir. The whole family participated in chronicling the events of the story.


Along the brief journey he had in this world, little Alan became a great fan of comedian Robin Williams and his biggest wish was to meet Williams personally. During that period the family spent part of their time living in Monterrey, Mexico and the rest in California. When they learned that Williams lived in San Francisco, they went out of their way to show up one time in San Francisco to meet the famous entertainer, which they did through the efforts of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.


From that point forward Williams and little Alan became friends for life which, unfortuantely, was to be way too short for both of them. The book recounts a series of "coincidental" events that occurred before and after Alan's passing on August 10, 2002. The earlier coincidences involved surprise at how easy became the opportunities to make young Alan's life happy and loving despite the difficulties of treatment and constant testing. A second great coincidence occurred when Williams died exactly 12 years later on August 10, 2014. (Note: the date on Williams death certificate is August 11, 2014, but that was when he was found and pronounced dead; it's highly likely he died the previous day)


GG found the reading of this book compelling. Just one caution to the reader; have a big box of kleenex at your side when you read it.


A Woman Awakens: Life, After Life - by Jan Hart


Paperback - 302 Pages - $13.45
Press to Order

This book was written by a very talented and accomplished watercolor artist who lives in the southern mountainous quadrant of Costa Rica.


Living in northern New Mexico, Jan Hart had contracted a spinal infection after having a history of disc problems and surgeries. On recovery from the latest episode she had a vision of, and from, an entity named Rafael who gave her a message: "You are to be conscious." Not sure as to what this meant, she is moved, because of her training and education in art, as much by the colors in the vision as by the words.


Not long after her vision, she made a move to Costa Rica having discovered the colorful biodiveristy of Ticoland. The book recounts all of the considerations, problems, uneasiness and wonder that typically arise with the exodus from the mother country and the arrival of an expatriate in the adopted one. After assuming residency, she meets another expatriate, Frank, who had moved here earlier. They become friends, then lovers and are married soon after, becoming true soul mates in the process.


Tragedy ensues with Frank's untimely death from a heart attack. Broken hearted but thankful of the time she had with Frank, Jan sits down at the computer one day to write a book of her experience. Instead she receives a message from Frank asking how things are going. At first understandably apprehensive, she comes to accept Frank's continuing presence in her life which continues to this day.


For those that believe there is a world beyond the obvious, the visual and the tactile you will find this book touching. For those that can't bring themselves to believe there is another dimension, a parrallel or spiritual one, this book might just bring you a new idea of what consciousness can mean.


Crazy Jungle Love: Murder/Suicide Mystery of the Century - by Carol Vaughn


Press to Order

Crazy Jungle Love is the true story of an American couple who arrived in Costa Rica in 1998, leaving behind their lives in the United States -- forever.  John Bender was a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager, and Ann Bender was his beautiful and exotic wife.  The Benders both suffered from bipolar disorder, and perhaps other mental illness challenges.  They settled in one of the most remote and wild areas of the country, an area famous for dangerous animals and unfriendly neighbors.  Their dream was to create the area’s first nature reserve, and to live out their lives peacefully, discovering new flora and fauna on their 5,000-acre estate, while creating an animal conservation program for the Southern Zone. 


That dream began to unravel after the first three years, as the Benders both descended into the agonies of mental illness, exacerbated by neighbors they had alienated, and financial problems which they had not foreseen.  Then their Costa Rican lawyer allegedly stole one hundred million dollars from the trust they had created for the reserve, and a former business partner of John’s sent goons to Costa Rica to attempt to collect on a debt of ninety million dollars he claimed John owed him.

John’s life ended tragically in 2008, by a single bullet wound to the back of his head, with only John and Ann present in their master bedroom on the night of his death.  Ann was accused of John’s murder, and was tried three times for intentional homicide.  During these three trials, Ann fell in love with Greg Fischer, an American fitness trainer and fellow nature lover.  Greg died under mysterious circumstances in his own bedroom, while Ann was in Preventive Detention for John’s murder.  Ann had lost the nature reserve, $20 million of her jewelry collection, and her house and household effects while in detention. It was assumed that their lawyer had absconded with the Bender fortune, and moved to Nicaragua to build his own Shangri-La, complete with Arabian horses and fantasy mansions.  Costa Rica confiscated Ann’s passport, leaving her few options for escape.


Crazy Jungle Love describes an operatic love affair set against the background of the jungles of one of Central America’s most beautiful countries. The plot is replete with shady characters, questionably honest police and judicial officials, antiquated forensic techniques, profound mental illness, strange behavior by lawyers and friends, native legends and folk tales, and a tragic heroine who seems to have lost everything of any value in her life.  Ann Bender has survived, but at a terrible cost to her wellbeing.  The story is told in intimate detail by the reporter from The Costa Rica Star who covered Ann’s case for four years, documenting each twist and turn from a bird’s eye view in a Costa Rican town very near the Bender estate.  The question still remains to this day, Who killed John Bender?


The Real Guide to San José - by Michael Miller


Press to Order

Now there is a new guide book that focuses on Downtown San José, Costa Rica: The Real San José, Michael Miller's Guide to Downtown San José, Costa Rica.


The Real San José was written to introduce new arrivals to Costa Rica's capital.  It will tell visitors what they need to know to get their feet on the ground and to start enjoying this exciting city.


Many visitors arrive in San José with a head full of preconceived notions, not all of them good.  But Mr. Miller believes that the more you know about San José, the more you will see the tremendous variety of attractions it has to offer.


In addition to being the nation's capital and its largest city, San José has a rich history and is a thriving center for culture, the arts and entertainment.  It is the home to live theater, the national symphony orchestra, and scores of art galleries.  It has world-class museums, cathedrals, universities, fine public buildings and beautiful vintage homes.


Here's what you can expect from The Real San José:


*  Familiarizes you with the layout of Downtown San José, and makes it easier to find your way around;

*  Introduces you to hidden gems of restaurants;

*  Tells you about the “don't-miss” attractions within walking distance of your hotel;

*  Informs you of the cultural, historical and religious sites that are an essential part of Downtown San José.


And if you decide to stay a while, it will guide you to basic services such as grocery shopping, laundry service, locating a good English-speaking pharmacist, changing money and much more.


The Real San José has 25 photographs and a helpful fold-out map of Downtown.  It is quickly becoming an essential tool for the visitor to get out, to walk around and to start having fun in this wonderful city.


Available in hard copy from Amazon as well as Kindle and at selected stores in San José.


Books About Retiring in Costa Rica - by Helen Dunn Frame




Press to Order

Expat Tales shares individual and family experiences about living in Costa Rica. It expands the information found in the third edition of Retiring in Costa Rica or Doctors, Dogs and Pura Vida, a book designed to jumpstart due diligence when someone investigates living abroad.

Each chapter represents different viewpoints depending on when the writer moved to Costa Rica. For example, one reflects life in the country in the 1980s when the country was a very different place. Another person has experienced changes that occurred in the last 50 years.

Some chapters were originally written by those expats that wanted to tell their stories in their own way. Other chapters are based on questionnaires and interviews. A reader will learn a lot about the culture and the mindset of Costa Ricans.



Press to Order

To retire fulltime, part time, or not at all, that is the question. As you approach what could be the last quarter, or even third of your life, it’s a major decision to make. You want your adventure to succeed in order that your golden years will be happy, healthy, and content.

This book offers a great first step for starting your due diligence, beginning with the first Chapter, Retirement 101. It encourages you to look beyond your financial plans and to consider what you will do with your wonderful free hours. If Costa Rica is on your list of possible locations, you’ll learn about its ever changing environment. You’ll undoubtedly discover if retiring to this emerging nation is, or is not, for you. If your choice is retiring to a different foreign country, the book will still help you to recognize what you might face when adapting to a different culture.

In it, you will find references to other books, links to websites, and much needed phone numbers that will enable you to carry your due diligence to the next level. And, you may contact the author through her website to download a free Moving Guide and workbook, useful for any move.


KUDOS: If you are contemplating permanent retirement, investing, or even birding in the forest reserves in Costa Rica, then you must read this book. An in-depth, comprehensive guide by U.S. expat Helen Dunn Frame, it provides a systematic method for the entire process of making your tropical retirement dream easily come true. Rowdy Rhodes, Freelance Writer


British Sleuth, American Optimist and a Clash of Minds


Press to Order

British sleuth Sherlock Holmes can solve any mystery from even a small clue.


American traveler Pollyanna Whittier can only see the good side of every situation. The only thing they have in common is their friendship with Dr. John Watson.


When Pollyanna shows up in London with a mystery for Holmes to solve, she decides to teach the detective the Glad Game: a way of remaining optimistic no matter what. A dangerous - and hilarious - clash of minds, where these two characters of classic literature need to learn how to work together in order to catch a dangerous criminal. 




A True Story of the Attack at the Entebbe Airport


Press to Order

In 1976, terrorists hijacked an Air France jet full of innocent passengers and took it to the Entebbe Airport, in Uganda. This is the story of that hijacking told by a man who wasn't supposed to be there.


Simon Price was just a British publishing executive on his way home. The story tells of how Price had to face the violence of the terrorists and the madness of president and dictator Idi Amin of Uganda, in a struggle to survive this ordeal and tell the story.







Casa de Doloros


Press to Order

Casa de Doloros, an eBook just released by Mary Martin Mason, reflects her admiration for Costa Rica, its people and for the many like her who choose to retire and reinvent themselves in a foreign land. 

Casa de Doloros is set in a fictitious town in Costa Rica. A cast of expat characters live in a cluster of run-down apartments called Casa de Doloros. The voluptuous Doloros has had myriad husbands of various nationalities, all of whom have added to the construction and upkeep of her modest empire. Her current love is a Venezuelan who she has followed into the revolution in his homeland. She leaves her business in the hands of some of the occupants, but while she's away, another coup percolates at home to take control of her beloved Casa de Doloros.

Here’s what local readers are saying:

This clever and entertaining read will take you to an imaginary town in Central America that you suspect exists outside the mind of the author. A tour of fantasy, reality with a pinch of snark. Totally enjoyable!  -  Jodie Cook


Interested in taking a trip to magical Costa Rica without a passport? Ever thought about or dreamed of moving to Costa Rica? Here's your chance to read a deftly witty, very irreverent, and delightfully fun tale about the strange sorts of folks who move to this colorful land. Casa de Doloros by Mary Mason poignantly captures the immigration craze of international ex-pats like herself to the very popular Central American nation of Costa Rica. Add in a splash of Venezuelan revolution and a dash of magical realism and you have a story that will captivate you from cover to cover.  – Shannon Farley


Murder for Reel


Press to Order

In the late 1950s, the Palladium Movie Theater was the most popular place in Emberview, Colorado. In her first night working as an usherette at the Palladium, young Katrina Stevens is excited to be starting her dream job. During the screening of a science-fiction film, her boss and owner of the theater, Don Keller, is found murdered in the projection booth.


Don’s murder causes an uproar and soon the Palladium is facing closure. To support the theater, Katrina organizes a film festival to show old movies from reels that Don kept in storage. However, Don’s murderer has other plans, and unless Katrina can find out who the killer is, the Palladium––and Katrina herself––are in great danger.



Tribune Man

More than a novel.  A portrait of a city!


An adventure set before, during and after 

the catastrophic Oakland Hills Fire of 1991


Press to Order

Jeff Brubeck, a promising marketing executive, is suddenly fired from his corporate position.  He quickly goes from a suit-and-tie, nine-to-five job, finding himself delivering newspapers after midnight in some of Oakland's riskiest neighborhoods, where the nights are alive with all kinds of activity, legal and illegal.


Known on the streets as “Tribune Man,” Jeff deals with the people who make up Oakland's diverse nocturnal population.  He faces drugs and gangs; panhandlers and petty theives; and is nearly killed by coke dealers in a fabulous old movie palace.


In October of 1991, Oakland, California, one of the most beautiful, diverse and fascinating cities in the country suffers a major disaster:  The Oakland Hills Fire, the worst urban wildfire in American history. Tribune Man the novel features an unforgettable cast of seemingly ordinary people who meet life head-on and deal with extraordinary circumstances. 


Jeff and his friends witness the panic of homeowners running for their lives, exploding trees, a wild car-chase through the fire, death and heroism . . . . and more than 3,000 homes destroyed in an afternoon.


Tribune Man is a tale set in this unique American city, weaving its way through the real-life events of the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire.



Diary of a Cryptocurrency Abduction


Press to Order

Diary of a Cryptocurrency Abduction is a frightening tale of despair, isolation, and hardship. Complete with transcripts of the abductor's demands, police records, and photos, the book is a fascinating read.  The true story of a Canadian businessman who was abducted and held for ransom in Costa Rica. For thirty-two days, while his captors sought payment in untraceable bitcoin, he is chained to a tree in the jungle, totally out of touch with his family or rescuers.


In 2015 the Director of the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR) was abducted and held for ransom, to be paid in BITCOIN. The first known crime of its kind, it baffled police around the world. Now, the true story of Ryan Piercy’s abduction, his 32 days of imprisonment in the jungle of Costa Rica, and the terrifying events that occurred to he and his family before, during, and after his release, has been told.


The book recounts the unimaginable hardships he faced from venomous snakes, spiders, and weather as he awaits a rescue that seemingly never comes, only to discover after his release how one family member had betrayed him during his captivity.

The first known crime of its type, the book tells about the efforts to rescue him and how local and international law enforcement agencies were baffled as they tried to find him and his captors.


A Stroll Through Costa Rica´s Capital City


San José Costa Rica,  A stroll through

the “heart and soul” of Costa Rica's capital city


by Michael Miller


If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, you should read this book. If you are thinking about relocating to Costa Rica, you should read this book.


Press to Order

San José Costa Rica, A stroll through the “heart and soul” of Costa Rica's capital city is more than an update. Michael Miller's book gives you a whole new look at Downtown San José, Costa Rica . . . the “heart and soul” of this amazing country.


Mr. Miller goes beyond the basics. You will discover:

The great restaurants and the comfortable hotels in Downtown San José; the fascinating museums and the historic neighborhoods; the amazing farmer's markets and beautiful city parks.


This book has 28 color photographs and a valuable full-color map of Downtown San José. With this book, you will quickly master the layout of the city and confidently find your way around.


Equally important, you will also begin to understand why Costa Rica is so unique. Costa Rica is unlike any other country in the world. It is a peaceful, stable republic that voluntarily gave up its military to focus its resources on education.


Chronicles of a Lifelong Traveler


Press to Order

I thought long and hard when a friend suggested I write my memoir. It occurred to me that I had many extraordinary experiences, especially when traveling in more than fifty countries and principalities and living in four countries—Costa Rica, England, Germany, and the United States--that would provide a reader with an abundance of tales and maybe some surprising insights. Besides, no one can relive many of my experiences because some events can’t be duplicated.


Would you like to know what it was like to attend the Dallas Fort Worth Airport opening and meet a future president? Or what I experienced being pregnant and having to work as a secretary for a political PR firm? The highlight was meeting Henry Kissinger. Or perhaps you would find attending a wedding reception for a British Musician and his friends when he married a Greek girl fascinating?


As I recorded most of my experiences, the tales were written based on reports, not according to the fuzzy memory of an aging woman.


Bohemian Road Trip


Press to Order

I can’t speak for others but to me, racing motorcycles… being serious about it… requires faith that success will come before the skill or money runs out. 

Maybe too, that wearing the blinders of a dedicated man, he becomes conscious of a larger world that he may be missing. …and it eats at him. So as the layers peel away… working through plateaus of growth, heady rushes of speed, class wins, moving up through the ranks, king of small fiefdoms… he becomes a novice again, at a bigger, faster and more expensive game, always with eyes forward… 

Till one day there’s no place to go but out. After a year on the road (read the book) and later a time of risk… time waiting in the wings, I began to ride Enduros… but I guess that’s another story" 



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Coffee Mugs for the Costa Rica Minded
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