1. Monkeys are highly susceptible to diseases from human hands. They can die from bacteria transferred from your hands to the monkeys, bacteria that have no ill effect on you.

2. Migration to human-populated areas where they are fed increases their risk of dog attacks and road accidents.

3. Irregular feeding leads to an aggressive behavior towards humans and other species.

4. Contrary to popular belief, bananas are not the “preferred” food of monkeys in the wild. Bananas, especially those containing pesticides, can be upsetting to the monkeys’ delicate digestive system and cause serious dental problems that can lead to eventual death.

5. Humans feeding monkeys in the wild creates a dangerous dependency which diminishes the monkeys’ survival abilities.

6. Humans feeding monkeys interferes with the monkeys’ natural habits and upsets the natural balance of their lifestyle centered on eating wild fruits, seeds, small animals, and insects.

7. Contact with humans facilitates poaching and the trade in illegal wildlife.

8. Pregnant females in the wild who are fed by humans during their pregnancy will not give birth to healthy infants. The babies will be malnourished, or never develop to term, and die before birth.

9. Monkeys need to travel an average of 17 kilometers each day to be in good physical condition. If they know that food is available in a particular location, they will not leave that area.

10. Not only do we pass on diseases to animals when we feed them by hand, but they can pass diseases to us as well.

11. The only exception is in the case of a dire emergency where a species would perish without food.

The monkeys do not realize any of this, so please help: do not feed the monkeys!

Thanks to Kids Saving the Rain Forest for the information above. For more information on proper care and treatment of our wild jungle animals go here:

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